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Our Approach

The 4Q approach to holistic learning

Where curious minds grow!

According to mainstream psychology, IQ contributes only about 20 percent to the parameters that determine an individual’s effectiveness and success, which leaves 80 % to the other factors. However, our conventional education system puts a disproportionate focus on IQ largely ignoring the other important dimensions of human well-being.

At BWS, Hyderabad we lay emphasis on all the 4Qs (PQ, IQ, EQ and SQ) of development to better prepare our children and to equip them to face the world, beyond facing tests and exams.

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Preparing the gen-next learners for the industrial entrepreneurial world.

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. As resources become scarce in a planet whose population is expanding, smarter and more efficient solutions are needed at all levels.

We aspire to create leaders in every sphere of the society who can positively contribute towards solving the challenges of the world and to inspire more ‘job creators’ than just ‘job seekers’.

Timeless education for the new world!

The more things change, the more we need to embrace things that never change. BWS, Hyderabad intends to provide a transformative learning experience rooted in foundational Indian values and universal ethics, which can truly address the needs of today’s generation of children. We aspire to identify and nurture various naturally existing talents and inclinations in a student and facilitate in developing them.

On the academic front, the curriculum is aligned to the in-depth requirements of CBSE board, but not limited to them. Our curriculum is designed to be globally competitive, stimulating, challenging and at the same time flexible. An optional international curriculum is being lined up for higher grades.

The Basil Woods Advantage

Where vision meets experience

Student-centric campus

Campus with state-of the-art amenities close to lush green gardens & forest, that fosters natural learning.

Holistic learning and development

A comprehensive curriculum that nurtures physical, emotional and cultural development

Award winning education program

Our school in Bangalore, selected as one among the top emerging school by Times consecutively for two years

Well researched curriculum

An engaging and a scientifically designed curriculum by highly reputed academicians, with decades of experience in K-12 education.

Reputable associations and partnerships

Being affiliated to CBSE Board. Project conceived by Hare Krishna Movement.

Experienced academicians

Qualified teachers and facilitators specializing in K-12 education

Wholesome and nutritious food

Food that’s fresh, healthy and full of flavour, for the entire school community.

Enriched learning experience

A safe learning environment carefully and lovingly designed specifically for curious minds.


“At Basil Woods, our child flourishes with cultural, traditional, and spiritual values integrated into the
curriculum. A recent visit from ISRO ignited our child’s dream of becoming a rocket scientist. Teachers
foster personal connections with children, filling us with confidence. “

Nandini Prasanna G & Dr. Sagar S. Ganga

” At Basil Woods, our boys thrive with remarkable growth in a nurturing environment. The teachers,
environment, and spiritual connection make a real difference. The principal is super friendly, involving us
in everything. The teachers’ motivation and involvement reinforce our satisfaction”

Padma & P Kishan Gopal

” I admire Basil Woods for my son’s genuine excitement about attending school. Teachers keep me
informed and proactively help his growth. I appreciate the 1:15 class ratio, ensuring better focus with
fewer students per class. “

Vamsi Surapureddi

Our location

Spreading our wings. Enabling a smarter generation of children.

      Survey No 3 & 4 , Pashambanda, Near Hanuman Temple,  Shamshabad Mandal, Ranga Reddy District , Telangana – 501218

                  +91 77 108 108 67                             [email protected]  

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